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Fascinated by your “snapshot of the brain”= “mind” idea. I agree about the observational/recording problems, but I think there could be more fundamental ones, in terms of conventional materialism. If I’m following you, you see the unique brain/mind scan falling into difference immediately once it’s transferred to another brain. That’s intuitive. But what is it in itself, while it’s on the improbable hard drive, experiencing no change? It’s only information, expressible in numbers, and thus belongs to the category of things that are real but not physical, with all the other numbers (dzr said that in the thread, I believe you’ve said similar things in the past, correct me if I’m wrong).

If it’s that then, isn’t it always that? Moments in time are as discrete or continuous as we care to make them, as I understand it. The improbable hard drive can be eliminated. At any given moment, the mind is the brain, a physical entity, in constant change, and also a set of numbers that will/need never change. I don’t see a need to envision one operating on the other. They are the same and yet one is physical and one metaphysical. The difference then is one of access. This file already exists. Replace this file? My personal take is that you could probably re-load the “self” anywhere/time, and it would run fine in any time frame, and to a lesser extent (if the body is damaged), in any version of the space/body. Hardware vs. software as the “residence” of the self, I have no idea. But I’m not sure it needs one.

Consider “unique” as the inverse of “infinite” (the math attempts are boring, anyway). The brain is unique at autospsy, and even more so (humor the oxymoron, if there can be sets of infinite sets, there can be sets of uniquenesses, I figure) at every point during life.

The self is unique, so could be anywhere, at all times. There can be dualism if you want it. Or you could say that you don’t have the permissions for access to the permanent file.

 About other problems, I think that there’s something with time’s arrow, but I haven’t worked it out.


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