$ should = immortality

My father has told me stories about socialized health care for years.  Mostly they’re about rich people who die, in the very epitome of horror, from the evils of socialized medicine while traveling abroad.  He told me these stories while I was so poor I could barely afford to eat.  Health insurance was out of the question.  He’s not always very sensitive to his audience, since he can’t really imagine anyone disagreeing with him who can reason.

I wonder if anyone in the Democratic leadership has Republican relatives.  Why so blindsided?

My father’s stories have the moral that people should have money, and those who don’t have really failed to be people.  Though of course he’s polite enough not to say it like that to my face.  Of course, what he says and what I hear are different, just as what I say and what he hears are different.

Here’s what I hear.  Death is an unnatural phenomenon that should only overtake the weak.  Weakness has many facets, but foremost among them is poverty.  Having to share money with the poor is like giving part of your life away, which might otherwise not end.

I’m sure I’m oversimplifying his views.  In fairness, he had nothing but praise for the fact that Medicaire paid most of the cost for his knee replacement surgery.

Medicaire is almost universally popular and has nothing to do with government, much less socialism or being forced to give your precious bodily fluids to icky people.

What is it that the Dems don’t get?


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